Future-Ready Society Conference Series: Place-based Approaches – Learning Journey with Yishun Health

Date & Time

Wednesday, 13 September 2023
09.00am – 12noon (Registration starts from 08.45am onwards)


Place-based approaches are collaborative, long-term approaches to build thriving communities in a defined geographic location. In Singapore, both the social service sector and health care sector have attempted to create better service integration and local area coordination. How challenging is the work of coordinating across diverse types of agencies and programmes? To what extent can the actual community be involved to participate in addressing their own needs?  Can placed-based approaches properly tap into local community assets and allowing the flourishing of diverse local responses, even as agencies focus on scaling standardised evidence-based programmes across the nation? 
Join us for Learning Journeys with Yishun Health to see how they have leveraged on the unique qualities of the places they operate in, and how they have worked with local partners and activated the local community.

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