Incubation Request

All social groups are welcomed.

We encourage social service agencies, community groups, social enterprises, or cooperatives to propose ideas they would like to develop and implement. A 1-2 page concept paper will suffice.

For concept paper that has potential, we will be in touch with the idea of further developing the concept, either into a full-fledged policy experiment or pilot programme proposal.

The entire process duration may take around 3-6 months. This will be a solutions-focused research process, and we will help facilitate a co-design process with relevant communities and partners. We may connect communities and partners with relevant organisations and with appropriate expertise, with their consent.

If the concept is complex and has too many unknowns that need to be studied first before a pilot is useful, one possibility is for the applicant to apply to be an Action Fellow to study the viability, develop the design, and determine the feasibility of the concept before implementation.

Once an implementable programme proposal is ready, it will then be circulated to the Future-Ready Society Impact Fund Approval Committee for review and decision.

Send in the concept paper and organisation’s contact details, with subject title as “Incubator Application” to email: Concept paper information should include the following:

What is the solution?

Give some references so that we can read more about the concept.

Why do it?

What problem is it supposed to address?

What are desired outcomes and the broader impact if it works?

How to do it?

Propose a possible approach

Give illustrative examples if possible


What expertise would be required to make the solution work?

What organisations would be useful partners?

For other examples, please refer to Participatory Budgeting and Citizens Re-Assembled.

Get in touch with us via email: