Partnership Offer

Are you a funder or grant-maker?

Reach out to us if you are interested in exploring co-funding or providing alternative funding for the project/s that come through the pipeline. 

Are you a consultant or have professional expertise that would support the development of solutions?

For example: Are you the Chief Technology Officer of an MNC looking to advise on the affordances of new technologies relevant to our solutions?

Are you a change management or organisational development practitioner keen to develop the capabilities of non-profits so they can deliver and implement their solutions? Reach out to share your expertise.

Are you an academic or researcher?

If you are interested in futures research and would like to collaborate on existing futures research projects, or lend your insights, do get in touch.

Are you an evaluator?

If you are interested in facilitating a programme theory of change, developing a monitoring and evaluation framework, or conducting programme evaluations, we look forward to hearing from you.

Do you run service learning or community engagement programmes for students or teach a course requiring that?

Contact us if your students would like to get involve in co-designing some of these solutions.

We are looking for like-minded partners.

Do reach out to us via email: with subject title “Partnership”.