Bringing together academic research and action-oriented solutioning to re-think society’s wicked challenges

Recognizing the need for future-readiness, and the resources and expertise required to create it, the Future-Ready Society programme was jointly started in 2023 by Tote Board, the Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities, and the Institute of Policy Studies.

This creates a tripartite partnership to take advantage of the pooled capabilities to activate the People-Private-Public (3P) sectors in expanding the knowledge base, creating new community-based initiatives, and testing solutions for Singapore’s shared future.


  • Future-Ready Society Conference: Peers, Places and Platforms — the Future of Empowered Communities

  • Future-Ready Society Conference Series: Vibrant Cities and Stronger Communities through Real-World Game Design

  • Future-Ready Society Conference Series: Place-based Approaches – Learning Journey with Pro Bono SG